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Selling and Buying a Home

The real estate agents at Keystone Realty Group in Orange County, CA offer expertise in assisting clients with selling and buying a home.

How To Be a Successful Home Buyer

A successful buyer is focused and prepared, ready to grasp an opportunity whenever presented. An organized methodical approach to the process ensures understanding, minimizes surprises and greatly increases the likelihood for success.

The real estate agents at Keystone Realty Group in Orange County, CA has helped hundreds of buyers with the home buying process and the keys to success include:

  • Mortgage preapproval at a minimum, mortgage qualification is best. Being able to act quickly is a huge advantage.
  • A definition of success; buyers should know what, where, when and how much.
  • We counsel, we do not sell. All pertinent data will be presented and fully explained; decisions to buy are the client’s alone. There is NO pressure to buy; either time-wise or after X number of homes.
  • If a home doesn’t make fiscal or logical sense, buyer’s are briefed as to why. There is no hesitation to recommend against a home and that may occur for any number of reasons – all of which will be explained.
  • Every home that is of serious interest is analyzed from an appraiser’s point of view and with the critical eye of a broker. Buyers will not have unpleasant appraisal or value surprises.
  • Clients benefit from maximum use of technology. From auto listing emails to dedicated listing sites to bird’s eye view reviews to subject transfer history to appraisal level desk top reviews…clients will not waste time looking at homes that have not first been thoroughly researched.

All aspects of negotiations, writing of contracts, management of the process and closing are completed by a full time experienced professionals. All associate team members (mortgage lenders, lawyers, inspectors, surveyors….) are full time pros in their respective field. 

How To Sell a Home Successfully

Successful home sellers are educated and knowledgeable about the current market. Acknowledgement of the data and preparation are key to making confident decisions and maximizing the potential of every offer. Keystone Realty Group in Orange County, CA has successful real estate agents who can provide you with expertise on the “business side” of the home selling process, which allows you to focus on the emotional side of moving forward.

Listing clients benefit from a number of advantages like aggressively marketing not only to agents, but to buyers. The internet has changed how buyers find homes; almost half of sales are initiated by buyers finding homes, not agents. Keystone Realty Group offers multiple other benefits including:

  • An appraisal level data analysis of the home, area and market trends. This is significantly more detailed than anything completed at the agent level and allows for a very accurate pricing strategy.
  • Detailed, written reviews of every offer analyzing current data, terms of the contract and strategies to maximize profit.
  • Negotiation and contract expertise resulting from hundreds of transactions and years of experience.
  • Meet the appraiser on site with the exact forms they need, comps and other data to support the contract price.
  • Extensive experience at every ancillary aspect of a transaction including appraisals, inspections, mortgages and contracting.
  • Unmatched internet marketing programs, exposure on multiple blog sites and  professional social media marketing.
  • A “hands on” approach at every step from hello to closing.

Keystone Realty Group embraces transparency and leverages it to benefit listing clients selling and buying a home. Homebuyers can find our listings just about anywhere on any type of device, individual marketing plans are tailored to work seamlessly. Responsive websites, expert social media push marketing, featured listing status on major consumer real estate sites, direct agent marketing and more ensure that listings are in front of the right people.

Client confidence comes from knowledge and listing clients are presented with appraisal level market analysis. Far and away more detailed than a standard agent review, this analysis is prepared by an appraiser using the exact data and processes that are used by the buyer’s appraiser. This all but eliminates appraisal issues and allows for a solid defense of list price; data can be confidently used during negotiation with buyer agents to sway the discussion in favor of the seller.

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