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Why go Section 8 and support your community?



  • Guaranteed Rent 
  • Previously screened Tenants 
  • Wider Access 
  • Free Advertising 


  • Routine Inspections 
  • Rent Control 
  • Potential of Difficult Tenant 
  • No Decrease in Workload for Landlord 

 IF there is a WILL there is a way! 


There is an alarming rate between 1000-1500 + Homeless in just the San Bernardino County. Majority are registered under Section 8. There are many out in the street and majority of the reason why they are homeless is because there are not enough homeowners/ homes that are SECT 8 approved. From LA County, Orange County, and San Bernardino County, we can help you guarantee your income, screen tenants after they have been pre-approved with Section 8, take advantage of the marketable pool for tenants to select from to find the perfect tenant for your home, and benefit from the free advertising provided by housing.

Around the Cons

For the routine inspections, as your management team, I am knowledgeable of what is required and necessary to repair or install prior to inspection date. As for the rent control, good tenants of section 8 are well aware of the market rent and are always willing to pay the listed rent, if the rent listed is reasonable. As for difficult tenants, I mentioned before, we would pre-screen them after they have been approved with SECT 8 . For any reason we need to evict, All our evictions have been successful and can be accomplished within 1-2 month. ​

By: Marty Gonzalez – @thereal_mcflyy

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